How Your Spending Plan Works?

You are guided step-by step in course format to complete Your Spending Plan. Your dashboard displays your Actual and Target spending so you know where you are, and where you can go, with more money in your pocket.

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What Is Your Money Personality?

Your Money Personality quiz is designed for you to discover your emotional attachment to money and how to overcome it.

What Our Clients Say


I was on track to a comfortable retirement but after a couple of investment hiccups thought I’d better reassess. I did the simple course and realised where I needed to fine tune my investments, let alone my regular spending. It was all too easy so now I’m showing my son how to use it. Great Product!

PeterMelbourne, VIC

It’s not always easy in a relationship agreeing on your money – how it’s spent or saved. We now have a clear plan to do so which we update and refer to regularly. The Course was so easy and gave us a realistic view of where we are and how we can improve our financial situation.

ChristieSydney, NSW

I always thought I had control of my money without a financial guide. How wrong I was. After creating My Spending Plan it opened my eyes to where I was overspending without realising, and how easily I could save more and build my financial resources. I use it all the time as an ongoing check.

DeborahNewcastle, NSW

Want to Know More?

Your Spending Plan is an online financial education program where you’ll learn how to take control of your finances, step-by-step, identifying financial goals you want to achieve, and planning a path to your financial security and building wealth. Our proprietary budgeting spreadsheet guides you on how to budget, and you’ll easily learn everything you need to know to manage your money in order to make confident financial decisions. We'll help you to understand the flow of your money and through our own online budgeting tool, which we call Your Spending Plan you will have the best money advice to feel confident in yourself and your money.

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Your Money Sense Quiz

We all have beliefs and emotions about money that impact our ability to earn,our need to spend and our potential to save or create the financial security that we desire.How do we know what emotions are driving our money behaviours?To find out your emotional attachment to money and how to overcome and manage it, we invite you to take the Your Money Sense quiz. It's free, quick and easy to do with good personal money advice.

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Create Your Spending Plan

Money can mean different things to different people. We will guide you step-by step to create Your Spending Plan, a detailed online budgeting tool developed by us to make your savings goals very comfortable to achieve, and to manage your money. With this ongoing knowledge and capability you will have optimum control of your money and be assured of reaching your financial goals and building your financial security.


Build And Manage Your Wealth

To continue on your pathway to financial security, course progression will take you through the steps that you need to create and build Your Spending Plan. You will learn to set the financial goals that are important to you, learn to invest and protect you and your money from any unforeseen event, at the same time planning for future generations. Managing your wealth keeps your future secure and also keeps you happy.

About Us

Your Spending Plan was founded in 2014 by Karen Vickers to help individuals develop their own path to financial security while giving them the courage, control, and knowledge to create, grow, and maintain their own wealth. Having worked in Accounting and Information Technology, Karen embarked on a financial planning career helping individuals create their path to financial success. Karen has a passion for helping others learn to manage and grow their own wealth to achieve their goals, support their families, and obtain financial independence The Financial Planning industry continues to make many changes, creating skepticism, doubt and uncertainty for many and making it hard for people to take responsibility in planning for their future and set financial goals. Money, and the responsibility of money, still confuses, intimidates, and overwhelms the majority of individuals who aren’t sure where or how to start planning their financial future and building their own wealth. Karen’s vision for everyone’s financial future is a world where individuals have knowledge and control over their finances, can easily access quality advice to make informed financial decisions and are engaged in creating their own financial future.

About us

Karen Vickers

Founder and Chief Wealth Adviser

Blog Articles

Your Spending Plan is all about giving you the knowledge to take control of your money and build financial security and hopefully your wealth. Our blog articles are simple pieces of advice that you can take into your everyday life to help you along the money track.

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