Course 3

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Course3 Your Spending Plan is the first actionable step to achieving financial security.

As you go through the learning modules you will understand the flow of your money, the rules that support that flow, and how to achieve any goals you put in place for your money.

You will learn money habits and gain the confidence needed for you to manage your money by creating Your Spending Plan, an ongoing real-time guide to your money.

Learn to manage your money | Your Spending Plan

  • Know your expenses to the dollar

  • Know exactly what you have to spend

  • No need to use your credit card again

  • Take charge of your financial security

Money can mean different things to different people. We will guide you step-by step to create Your Spending Plan, a detailed online budgeting tool developed by us to make your savings goals very comfortable to achieve, and to manage your money.

With this ongoing knowledge and capability you will have optimum control of your money and be assured of reaching your financial goals and building your financial security.

  • Step by Step - Easy to Use

  • Know where you're money went and where it's going next

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